7 Useful Tips For Hikers Who Are Going On Their First Hiking Adventure

7 Useful Tips For Hikers Who Are Going On Their First Hiking Adventure

Always carry light weight in your backpack and choose a comfortable backpack that don’t be a burden on your shoulders

  • Follow your guide without any arguments, I have seen that young guys who are ignoring them and misbehaving for show off, and finally regretting for their action.
  • Never go alone at night or even in day time always have one companion or friend with you wherever you go.
  • Keep some basic necessities like a torch, a match box or lighter, a Swiss knife, a water bottle, specs to get resist from sunlight.
  • Find a good pair of hiking shoes, don’t look for the cheaper option. Instead buy expensive, branded and comfortable one, as its a one-time investment. Going for cheaper shoes will ultimately make your bad hiking experience.
  • Take rest when needed. Don’t walk as its a race. If your group is going ahead and you are a little away from them, don’t ever run. Let your body acclimatize for the trek and then slowly manage the speed.
  • Always have a habit of regular exercise before going to any hiking adventure. Without prior preparation and acclimatization your hike can be a hectic and uncomfortable all the way.

My First Hiking Adventure.

I went on my first hiking adventure on 2013 to saurkundi pass. This was one of the life time experience and some unforgettable memories. I started hiking routinely every 4 month after my first hike. I promise all my reader to go at least once in your life at the place which is not connected to WiFi.  As only that place will make you close to the nature.

Share Your Ideas and tips regarding hiking in the comment box. All your thoughts are heartily welcomed.

Happy Hiking Friends.

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    Nice Blog Post. Waiting for Kedarkantha Trek next part.

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